T.D. andRoger Steele, Partners

The Mill Brae Program

The Mill Brae program is based around a cow herd that is maintained like many commercial cow herds in our area.

The females in this herd have stacked pedigrees for performance where their dams, grandams, and third dams have been bred within the Mill Brae herd. With the implementation of ultrasound carcass EPDs we're able to identify females with positive carcass traits as well. We continually place particular emphasis on performance, dispositions, udder quality and structural correctness. Our business is cattle and we feel the effects of market changes just as our commercial customers do.

Mark (Managing Partner),
Janice & Taylor Nikkel

By utilizing high accuracy sires in our breeding program, which excel in economically important traits, we have provided our customers with an added advantage when marketing their cattle. The data on these cattle is complete, honest and unbiased.

Mill Brae cattle are expected to perform in our environment and managed very similar to the commercial cow herds in our area. We practice a stringent culling program and those cattle that don’t make the grade go to town — we just don’t have time or patience for problems, nor do our customers. Mill Brae cattle are bred for cattlemen who make a living raising cattle.

Clint (Herdsman), Jessica
& Reese Michaelis

We run this operation on limited labor with Mark and Clint managing the cow herd, hay harvesting, silage production and sale cattle preparation. Janice handles the cow herd records, bookkeeping and sale management, in addition to her full-time administrative position at Kansas State University.


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